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ceo list

CEO/Executive Contact List

This is a continuously updated list compiled of emails belonging to the Chief Executive Officers and executive members of some of the most popular consumer-based businesses in the U.S.

How to Bypass Western Censorship and Access

Serious attempts have been made in Western nations to silence RT, following Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine. The EU Commission has given regulators in the bloc’s nations powers to ban the media outlet. If you’ve faced difficulties accessing RT’s content due to those restrictions, here are some steps you can take to bypass them. First,…
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Almost Everyone Involved In Developing Tor Was (Is) Funded by the US Government

“The United States government can’t simply run an anonymity system for everybody and then use it themselves only. Because then every time a connection came from it people would say, “Oh, it’s another CIA agent.” If those are the only people using the network.” -Roger Dingledine, co-founder of the Tor Network, 2004 In early July…
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How to Use Social Media Apps Without Google or Apple’s Permission

I’m sure you’ve at least seen one news cycle related to app bans and the policies around what is and isn’t allowed in the app stores run by Apple and Google, you might have also seen references to “sideloading” apps—which essentially means installing apps that aren’t available in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. This is…
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how to hack an ftp login

How to Hack an FTP Login

FTP open ports are very interesting targets for hackers. Even though very little are actually seen open today there are still quite a few unsecured on the net and if you are one of those admins, you may find yourself in a world of trouble.

how to hack home routers

How to Hack Home Routers

In this quick tutorial we are going to see how black hats can hack random routers over the Internet and access remote desktop connections using default credentials.

track someone by phone

How to Track Someone By Phone

So today I’m going to be showing you how to track someone’s phone, which means not only being able to see some of the activity done on these devices, but also finding the exact locations as well. There are many reasons a person may want to accomplish this including parents or legal guardians, employers, paranoid…
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how to rat someones computer

How to RAT Someone’s Computer

RAT stands for Remote Access Trojan or Remote Administration Tool. It is one of the most dangerous forms of malware on the internet. Hackers can use a RAT to get complete control of your computer. Once achieved, they can do basically anything with your operating system. Using a RAT, a hacker can install keyloggers and…
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how to launch a ddos attack

How to Launch a DoS/DDoS Attack

In this post, I will be covering exactly how DoS attacks are performed and how to launch one yourself.

WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal

When it comes to website hosting or building, there are countless options. I’d imagine anyone reading this article would know this. There are almost an estimated 2 billion websites online today (Indexed by search engines). Content Management Systems also known for short as CMS are the reason this is possible. As the number of websites…
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