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Top 10 Most Amazing 3D Prints

Check out this list of the coolest things ever printed in 3D. Really makes you want to get one doesn’t it?

Chrome vs Firefox vs Opera vs Edge vs Safari

In this video, I will be comparing the top five web browsers of all time!

 Top 10 Ways the Government Is Spying On You

Ever wondered if your being spied on by the government… your thoughts were correct. I’ll be showing you ten of the most powerful and secretive ways they use to make your file.

 20 Google Secrets You Must See

Google loves to leave Easter Eggs and secrets out on the net. In this videos I’ll be showing you some!

 Why College Doesn’t Suck

So you thinking about going to College or already enrolled and wondering if it’s worth it? All the hard work and studying might just pay off!

 Why College SUCKS!

Getting a higher education has benefited millions of people across the world and in the United States, but is it worth it for YOU?

 14 Must Know Websites for Students

Are you a student in College or even High School? Check out these websites to make your life a lot easier!

 Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade

Everyone loves to get the hottest new phones, tablets, and computers but is it really worth it?

 How Facebook Destroyed Myspace

Everyone knows that Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the web, but what about Myspace… what happened to the once great social giant whom at one point surpassed the infamous Google website as #1.

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