Videos: GIMP


How to Make Someone Disintegrate

In this video, I will be going over how to create the infamous disintegration/pixelation effect on an image.

 How to Make A Background Transparent

In this tutorial, I’ll be going over how to remove a background of an image and make it transparent.

 Why GIMP Instead of Photoshop?

In this video I go over a brief description of why someone would use the GIMP editor instead of Photoshop (Or another tool).

IMVU: How to Take High Resolution Snapshots

A tutorial on how to take HD snapshots over 2000×2000 pixels.

How to Color Eyes On A Black & White Images

A tutorial on how to color eyes or objects on B/W images .

How to Color Clothes

A tutorial on how to change the colors of clothes, etc.

How to Create Fire Effect

A simple tutorial on how to give text a flaming effect.

Common Questions

A couple common questions about GIMP I’m answering.

How to Change Skin Color

How to change skin tone or skin color of a person.

How to Remove Red Eye

How to remove that annoying red eye from images.

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