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The Worst Cyber Attacks of 2017

With the growth of the technology industry, cyber assaults have been nothing short of an increasing issue over the years. As expected, 2017 was one of the most detrimental years for IT security due to some pretty savage attacks. Equifax Data Breach WHEN IT WAS In late 2017, Equifax announced to the public that its data system…
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The Most Legit Survey Sites

Survey sites and the words good or legit rarely come to mind. This is in all honesty, the truth when it comes to probably 95% of them. Between fake sites, phishing scams, not paying out, deleting accounts, or simply kicking testers from surveys last minute, there is an ocean of scammers on the net promising to make you money for simply sharing your opinion. I’ll be honest guys, I didn’t think I would find any but after some intense research and spending hours upon hours taking surveys I have finally found the list of what I believe to be the most legit survey websites out there in 2017.

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The Best Smartphones of 2017

There are so many devices out there, finding the right one can be a daunting task. In this post I will be covering the best phones available in 2017.