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WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal

When it comes to website hosting or building, there are countless options. I’d imagine anyone reading this article would know this. There are almost an estimated 2 billion websites online today (Indexed by search engines). Content Management Systems also known for short as CMS are the reason this is possible. As the number of websites…
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WordPress vs Weebly vs Wix vs Squarespace

Everyone needs a website these days… the question is who to make your website with? I’ll be going over the four top builders in the world to help you do this. WordPress Features Integrated Blogging WordPress undoubtedly has the most integrated and fully featured blogging system to date. That is how the CMS started after…
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The Worst Cyber Attacks of 2017

With the growth of the technology industry, cyber assaults have been nothing short of an increasing issue over the years. As expected, 2017 was one of the most detrimental years for IT security due to some pretty savage attacks. Equifax Data Breach WHEN IT WAS In late 2017, Equifax announced to the public that its data system…
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